The Why, the How and the What in Impact Investing2018-08-06T22:54:47+00:00

Project Description

The Why, the How and the What in Impact Investing

This presentation is aimed at providing a first glimpse at what impact investing is about. Why do we need it, how can it be approached and what is it are the three questions that this presentation touches upon.

This presentation is split into three parts. First the why, secondly the how and thirdly the what in impact investing.

  1. Why do we need impact investing? Because we are unlikely to find solutions to the social and environmental problems we face as a global community without learning to make better use of market mechanisms and private entrepreneurship.
  2. How is impact investing done? There are two perspectives on the How: the investor and the investee perspective but for both, the starting point is a desire to use business to make positive social and / or environmental impact.
  3. What is impact investing? Impact investing is investment in entrepreneurial solutions to social and / or environmental problems.
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