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Project Description

The Makings of Humanistic Management

This Presentation outlines the fundamental ideas behind our approach to humanistic management. The Humanistic Management Center advocates a paradigm shift away from economistic views on market activities towards a humanistic approach.

To move from criticism of the status quo towards a fruitful discourse on alternatives we have developed and are furthering a three stepped approach defining what humanistic management is. This three stepped approach consists of:

  1. Non-instrumentalization of people in economic processes
  2. Integration of ethical reflection into managerial decision making
  3. Dialogical extension of ethical reflection through stakeholder dialogues

Together these steps lead to views on managerial tasks that are aligned to human nature and cater to a live conducive economy. It (re)establishes a role of business grounded in the need for market activities to serve people rather than vice versa, thus laying the foundation for a sustainable economy.

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